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Box Office: “Suicide Squad” leads foreign fund with $ 58.7 million

Suicide Squad team

“Suicide Squad” led the foreign box office for a second week.

The story of a supervillain $ 58.7 million from 15,600 screens in 62 territories, pushing its worldwide gross of $ 465,400,000.

It’s a great ride, but Warner Bros. spent huge sums on the film, the bombing of $ 175 million, the movie and north of $ 100 million to produce, to market it.

It must be studying for a profit of one of the biggest hits of the year. To this end, the film fights bad reviews and bad word of mouth, as trying to keep crowds to bring it.

He also denied entry into China, depriving it of up to $ 100 million in revenue for the second largest market in the world for the film.

“Suicide Squad” opened in Argentina and Italy over the weekend and $ 2.5 million and to collect $ 2.2 million.

Among the regions remnant, the film grabbed $ 6.7 million in Brazil, $ 5,500,000 million in the UK, Australia $ 4.4 $ 4.3 Mexico and $ 4.3 million in Russia.

Domestically, the film slipped a painful 67 percent in its second weekend, earning $ 43.8 million.

Second Illumination Entertainment and “The Secret Life of Animals” Universal has collected $ 40 million in 48 territories.

The animated film about what animals while their owners are at workplaces and $ 592.6 million made with a budget of $ 75 million worldwide.

It opened in the first place in Japan this weekend with $ 10 million. After the second week of release in China, “The Secret Life of Animals” generated $ 49.1 million.

“Line-Walker”, a whodunit Hong Kong-China, to earn third place, $ 26 million.

“Jason Bourne” Universal has raised $ 18.6 million from 60 foreign territories, bringing its total gross to $ 246.2 million.

“Love 020”, another Chinese version, completed the top five, earning $ 17.5 million.