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Intel buys the beginning of artificial intelligence

intel logoUS Intel on Tuesday announced a deal to buy a house of artificial intelligence, such as the computer chip giant seeks its role in data centers and to enhance the expansion of the Internet of Things.

Intel did not disclose how much it paid for Nervana systems, but reports of American media describe the price to more than $ 350 million.

“With this acquisition, Intel officially obliged to push the state of the art AI (Artificial Intelligence),” said Nervana founder and CEO Naveen Rao in a blog.

“Now we can break the old paradigm and move in a new calculation system.”

Established two years ago, Southern California, specializes Nervana think the combination of hardware and software engine as average human brain to help the companies by.

Intel Nervana experience plans to work Xeon, and Xeon Phi chips “deep learning” in the cloud to better manage, Center Executive Vice President Diane Bryant Intel Data Group Online said in a position.

“Although the artificial intelligence is often science fiction equated with a large, relegated to novels and movies is,” Bryant said.
“AI is everywhere.”