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Judo: Silva wins first gold for the host country , Brazil

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Brazilians celebrate in the stands to Rafaela Silva women judo gold at the Rio Games Monday won, on the podium, the first Olympic gold medal for the host country and capping a trip claims that in one of the most famous start area of the city.

Silva raised his arms in triumph while unvaccinated Sumiya Dorjsuren Mongolia defeated after a thrilling semi-final victory in extra time against the silver medal in London came Corina Caprioriu of Romania.

Silva Gold marks a rise of the Olympic podium story of a childhood in the City of God favela River, made famous in the movie “City of God”.

After the first years of trouble he saw her, the fighting in the area, Silva and structure entered into his life by Judo and continued to visit the Reação Institute, founded by Olympic bronze medalist Flavio Canto.

“The fans have always encouraged me, especially the children of my own community in the city of God” Silva told reporters after his victory.

“If I can be an example for the children in the City of God, if you believe in your dreams and find their dreams through sport, then do it. I hope to be an example, and I think that I will be can. ”

Silva medal in the -57 kg, was also Brazil for the first time in Rio Judo strong competitor was eliminated by his team in the first two days of action.

Brazil has high hopes for his judo team to increase their medal collection after Rio won four sports at the Games in London in 2012.

“Of course we would like to win more medals, but it is on the table, everyone goes a worthy competitor and hope my medal to be loved and pave the way for Brazil more medals to win,” Silva said.