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Mir Qasim son together ‘lawyers

Mir Qasim son The son of the leader of Jamaat-e-Islami Mir Qasem Mir Qasem Ahmed Bin Ali, also a lawyer, was picked up by men in plain clothes at his home on Tuesday night after his family.

His wife Tahmina Akhtar told the Prothom Alo that after the bell to call home DOHS Mirpur rang at 23:00 to open the door and found there are five persons.

“My husband asked. At that time my husband arrived on the scene and told him to go to them,” Tahmina Akhtar said.
She said that five people do not reveal their identity, even after repeated requests.

“When my husband to go with them refused, they pulled him down.”

Tahmina said that her husband has put in a great car and left.
When contacted, said police Pallabi Dadan Fakir them about the incident have any information and the arrest of Ahmed Bin Qasem.

The family of Ahmed Bin Qasem, however, suspected that the five representatives of the civil law.

“Barrister Mir Ahmad Bin Qasem was dressed civilian and removed called legal force! … Without uniform without warrant / Legal …. you catch it and we are growing … women, then we try on a white micro resist .. and taken …. we had absolutely no idea where that can inform plz !!! …. please help us ….. especially your friends and colleagues … plz !!! “Facebook- read message from his sister Taher Tasnim.