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Pakistan legend Hanif Mohammad died

 Hanif Mohammad

Hanif Mohammad cricket legend at Aga Khan Hospital in Karachi died today confirmed a hospital spokesman.

The 81-year-old, who suffered from lung cancer, for which he operated in London in 2013 underwent itself settled the fan for a few days after his health deteriorated.

Today Reports of the death of cricket came far to light after his son, Mohammad Shoaib, it was “misinformed” by doctors over the death of his father.

Shoaib Mohammad said the heartbeat of his father was weak and family mistakenly believed he was dead, but is still breathing and fan.

Hanif was the Aga Khan admitted the hospital three weeks ago after breathing problems

Born December 21, 1934, in Junagarh who played 55 Test matches for Pakistan 1952-1969 contains “Little Master” averaged a fine 43.98 twelve cents.

The right-handed batsman was among the first Pakistani cricketer have a key role in achieving Pakistan played test condition.

Pakistan test status was granted after the team rode 64 priceless Hanif tracks in the tip to provide a first class competition four days against the Marylebone Cricket Club, the pursuit of a management target 288 enormous proportions to win in Karachi Gymkhana Cricket Ground.

Regarded as the most compact batsman in the world during his playing days, Hanif bowl could with both arms. The strains maintained also repeated a competitive level.

Hanif, a man with nerves of steel often resisted storm with his flawless technique when Pakistan collapsed Stick queues.

In 1958-1959 surpassed Hanif Sir Don Bradman record for most individual first-class tickets.

His phenomenal 16 hours 337 against the West Indies in Bridgetown – Pakistan rescued from impending defeat – still live in the history books. the longest entries in Test history is maintained and was all first class cricket for over 40 years the longest.

Case was the only test match of a triple century in the second innings of a team until it was offset by Brendon McCullum of New Zealand against India in, 2014.

In 1958-1959 surpassed Hanif Sir Don Bradman record for most individual first-class tickets. Hanif was 499 before his five hundred try scarce. This mark was exceeded for more than 35 years ago by Brian Lara 1994th

Overall Hanif has finished 55 class centuries and with a strong term average of 52.32 life.

Hanif was Cricketer of the Year named Wisden 1968. In January 2009, Hanif and two other Pakistani players (Imran Khan and Javed Miandad) were part of a batch opening of 55 new members into the Hall of the ICC renamed.