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vegan Junk-Food ist in Mode

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Vegan diets are considered to be of most children with posters of celebrities who benefits touting healthy and environmentally friendly, such as weight loss, clear skin and increased energy.

Even vegans who avoid all animal products such as meat, eggs and junk long milk.

During the movement of more and more popular, and the temptations of donuts, pizza and hamburgers drills allow vegans as bad as any food.

“There are a lot of unhealthy choices are. It’s hard to resist at first,” Jessica McCully, 28, said in a Festival of vegetarian food in the Los Angeles area, a fake chicken taco hand.

McCully is a new convert to “mock meat” with his girlfriend, and said that in just two months after the adoption of a vegetarian diet, happier and “more energy” feel.

According to a study by Harris Interactive between seven and eight million Americans identify as vegan, especially in the US epicenter of clean energy in California.

Animals without going over today cereal diet products and stereotypical lenses, with restaurants gourmet cheese offering vegetarian dishes like watermelon salad and roasted pistachio almond or stuffed zucchini blossoms on Ricotta Macadamia.

Of course, the diet is not the whole kitchen-Haute There are also many restaurants “comfort” vegetarian food, including tofu or mock meat that was breaded and fried.

Los Angeles has even soak an annual output of “Oktoberfest” Vegans Vegans -ALLOW, while a range of tasty snacks to enjoy.

Not only carrots and celery
A vegetarian food fair in Anaheim, outside Los Angeles, quinoa bowls are hard to find.

Lori Whitaker, one of the blond spikes along a golden hue, lined up in a box to buy a pizza.

“I love my junk food, I will not lie,” he said 54 years old. Today he said, “you get a vegetarian pizza, vegetarian taco I think this is very good because many people think vegans eat only celery and carrot”.

Maverick in Silver Lake area of Los Angeles, donut-Farm sells sugary sweets, fried fritters like all other purchases, but their fashion treats in flavors like green tea and salted caramel are vegan.

“I think that a vegetarian option is always a bit healthier,” said Chris chief salesperson, who said that the recipes require organic flour bakery and confectionery, and ingredients such as coconut milk.

who is treated less cholesterol and trans fat, he added.

But at the end of the day “, which is a fried dumpling with a lot of calories,” said the boss.

Many converts to veganism cite health reasons, but the support of animal rights remains a key motivation.

“It is usually in horror that our agricultural work of the factory,” said Annie Jubb, vegan lifestyle consultant. “It is motivated by pity and terror.”

but Jubb acknowledges that all vegans are healthy.

“You could eat french fries and fried foods,” he said. “Eating soy hamburgers, soy bacon … Soy is not a healthy diet three times a day.”

Orthodox vegan, with Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio as one of your former clients, allow yourself the occasional treat, a potato staple food pureed vegetarian order comfort with mushroom sauce.

“We are in this business people are healthy to provide nutritious food available,” Ryland Engelhart said, served and milkshakes co-owner of Gratitude Café, a restaurant chain of vegetable dishes “” such as sandwiches with sausage in California pollen imitation chocolate.
“But you can not expect people with bean sprouts and saute tempeh overnight in a seaweed salad diet to jump,” he said.

And yet said Engelhart, vegans must ensure to maintain a balanced diet as everyone else.

“You reach a point where not only we the people pass over, but keep in satiated of junk food, no meat,” he said. “It’s still junk food.”

The team of Cafe Gratitude but rejects salvation in its sister restaurant, the Mexican style Gracias Madre, cocktails containing ingredients such as essential oil of cannabis.

“We are all about the plants, is not it?” He said with a smile Engelhart.