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Wild Elephant tranquilizers

Wild elephant

The wild elephants entered Bangladesh from India June 27 today tranquilized on agricultural land in the village koyra by association Kamrabad Sarishabari in Jamalpur.

Rescue team veterinarian Dr. Syed tranquilized forest elephant with a metal dart at 1:58, reported Jamalpur correspondent.

After reassuring, lost control of himself and began for 10-15 minutes jump like crazy and eventually fell into deep water from a pond to Monowar Hossain of the village belong.

Later members of the rescue team with the help of hundreds of people, the elephant lifted sedated pond, forest officer Khalilur Rahman told the Daily Star.

Officials said the forest elephant would Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib led to Safari Park in Gazipur for a Char in Jamalpur area rescue.

Earlier, an entire rescue team Forest and veterinary officials from Bangladesh and India excludes got, said an appropriate place to calm the animal, forest officials.

“We took the Safari Park in Gazipur for medical examination and treatment, as he had been in the water for days,” said the inspector wildlife Ashim Kumar Mallick Forestry Office.